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Makeup Lessons

Are YouTube makeup tutorials just not cutting it? Are you wondering why they are packing on so much makeup? Do you even need to where that much makeup? While we can learn so much from YouTube a private one on one makeup lesson is so much more helpful with a real person. You will receive a customized lesson tailored exactly to you. No matter what age you are whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an artist who is just looking to brush up their skills a private makeup lesson is the perfect fit. You will leave feeling more confident with your skills. 

All makeup lessons take place in Lily Grey Artistry studio located in Edmonton, Alberta. 

"I believe all women are pretty without makeup - but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful" - Bobbi Brown

Eyes and Brows

They say the eyes are the window to the soul so make those babies pop! With the eyes and brows lesson you will learn how to create a beautiful day eye look and how to sculpt those brows to frame your face. Each step is broken down for you in a very simplified manner. I am with you every step of the way. 

$185.00 + GST (1.5 hours of instruction)

Full Makeup Lesson

One on One Makeup Lessons   


We will go through the makeup that you already own and I can show you some new tips and tricks on how to use it. I will also supply some of my own makeup and tools to help teach you. My goal is to make you feel more confident around makeup and help give you the skill to create a gorgeous look all on your own. 

What you will learn:

- Proper skincare 

- Skin prep

- How to match your foundation

- My 'Lily Grey' Signature no filter needed method of skin

- Create a day makeup look

- Shaping brows

- Highlight and contour

$295.00 + GST (approximately 2 hours of instruction)

"I booked a private lesson with Joline before competing in Miss Universe Canada to brush up on my makeup skills, and I learned so much! I went to Joline because of how she makes all skin types look flawless, and I have VERY dry skin. She taught me one basic look, and recommended products and techniques which make my skin look amazing! I brought all my own makeup, and she used my stuff as well as recommended a few products that were great for me. She also gave me one of her branded lipsticks, which is AMAZING! The formula is creamy, pigmented, and stays on all day. If you have an event where you'll be doing your own makeup, go see Joline first! You will not be disappointed" - Happy Client

Edmonton Makeup Class, Edmonton Makeup Lesson
Delux Makeup Lesson

Delux lessons are a more in depth version of the full makeup lesson. These are perfect for artists just starting out or for the makeup lover who is looking to brush up on skills. 

What you will learn:

- Proper skincare 

- Skin prep

- How to match your foundation

- Colour correction

- My 'Lily Grey' Signature no filter needed method of skin

- Create a day eye look

- How to turn a day eye look into an evening look

- False lash application (Delux mink lashes included)

- How to mix colours and products

- Shaping brows

- Highlight and contour

- Q&A with myself

- A curated list of products that are best suited for you

You will go home with a Lily Grey Artistry lipgloss or lipstick. 

$425.00 + GST ( 3 hours of instruction)

Inquire about group lessons
virtual Lessons

One on One private virtual Makeup Lessons   


Similar to that of an in person lesson but instead will be done virtually. We can go over everything from skin care, simple day looks, glam looks, etc. I will walk you through all the steps to help you achieve a beautiful look. No need to hit the pause button as you can ask questions as we go!

$110.00 + GST (1 hour of instruction)




Pre-Teen/Teen Lessons

One on One in person Makeup Lessons   


Young girls are starting to wear makeup at an early age. Start them off on the right foot and give them the tools that they need to create a beautiful natural look that enhances their natural beauty. I will help your teen create an age appropriate look that they will feel confident replicating themselves. I start with proper skin care techniques all the way to applying eyeshadow and foundation. My goal is to help build confidence and self-esteem for your teen. 

$185.00 + GST (1.5 hour of instruction)




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