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DIY Bride

If you find yourself in a situation where your bridal artist is not available due to Government restrictions all is not lost! Although it is not ideal there are still ways you can knock your bridal beauty out of the park.

I want to start off by saying that government restrictions are completely out of everyones control. Not only is it extremely hard and stressful for the bride it also puts the artist in a terrible situation. We never want to abandon our clients as your wedding day is just as important to us.

Here are some tips to rock your bridal beauty DIY!

  • Take care of your skin.

    • Drink plenty of water. Keep your skin hydrated, this will make it less dull and will look more plump.

    • Gently exfoliate your face 2x a week.

    • Pamper your skin. Make sure you are using a skin type appropriate cream day and night as well as an eye cream. Use face masks (but make sure you are testing any new products well before your wedding date)

  • Skin

    • Prep your skin according to your skin type. If you are oily make sure you are using an oil control product. For example if you get oily in the t zone use a magnifying primer or lotion.

    • You really want to make sure you are hydrating the skin so makeup does not stick to dry patches.

  • Eyes

    • Stick with shimmery neutral shadows.

    • Use a dark brown pencil or dark brown shadow to line your eye. The thinner the line the better.

    • Finish up with a waterproof mascara. Do a few coats to really make those lashes stand out.

    • If you are comfortable with applying false lashes go ahead. If this is something you find impossible I would skip this step as it will only frustrate you.

  • Skin

    • Use a foundation that is appropriate for your skin type as well as appropriate for the current season. For example if it is very humid out you will want to take that into consideration.

    • Make sure the foundation is an ideal match for your skin color and do not forget about your neck!

    • If you are not a fan of foundation I recommend something light like a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream just to even out your skin nicely. This will also add a nice radiant glow to your skin.

    • Conceal any redness or blemishes with a concealer that matches your skin.

    • Brighten under the eyes with a light weight concealer. You do not want a heavy product under the eyes.

    • Use a powder to set everything so that your makeup stays in place the entire day. I recommend a translucent powder. Don't add too much powder you don't want it to look cakey.

  • Bronzer/Contour/Blush/Highlight

    • Add a bit of bronzer along your hairline and through the contours of your cheeks. This will give some dimension to your face.

    • If you are comfortable with contour add a swipe under your cheekbones to give further dimension to your face. This will make your face look more 3D in photos as opposed to just flat.

    • I like cream blush for a natural flush.

    • Add highlight on the high points of your cheeks.

  • Lips

    • For a natural look choose a lip colour that is close to your natural lip colour for a just bitten look.

    • Line your lips to give the lip colour more longevity.

    • A dark colour can be very stunning but is also more maintenance .

    • I recommend having your lip stick or lipgloss handy for easy touchups.

If you find your self a DIY bride I really hope you found these tips helpful! If you are still in need of a bit of assistance please email me at to schedule your virtual lesson or personal shopping appointment.

x0x Joline


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