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The importance of proper skin prep

If you have had your makeup done by me you know how much I preach about skin prep. I feel so strongly about it for many reasons; it makes your makeup look great, your makeup will last longer, your skin will feel amazing.

I start every makeup application with a cleansing scrub using Sonia Roselli's Sex a Peel. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells revealing gorgeous skin underneath. I have had many clients tell me that their skin looks glowy and healthy and this is before we apply makeup! Getting dead skin off your face is a vital step to a proper makeup application. We don't want the makeup clinging to flaky dry skin. I recommend using a gentle scrub 1 to 2 times a week.

The next step is to ensure the skin is carefully evaluated and treated for any dryness or oiliness. Hydrated skin is happy skin. If your skin is drier then our Alberta air your skin is going to cling to whatever you put on your face. Which is when patchiness can occur. The skin is trying to suck out any moisture it can get from the foundation.

Hydration is what makes the skin soft, it gets deep down into the skin. However, if there is no barrier protecting the skin the hydration will just evaporate. That is when you add a moisturizer to help seal it in.

I ensure to give everyone the same amount of love when it comes to skin prep. Who doesn't want a mini facial? Now that you have properly prepped skin your makeup will look so much better and people will wonder what magic pill you took to have your skin glowing like the heavens!

Remember to also get in your 8 glasses of water. Great skin starts from the inside.

If you are interested in trying some of the best skin prep products I have ever used feel free to use my referral code

Thanks for reading!



Joline is the Owner of Lily Grey Artistry providing luxury makeup services to Edmonton and surrounding area. Specializing in soft natural glam.

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