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Why you should hire a makeup artist for your wedding

Your wedding day will most likely be one of the most glamorous days of your life. You most likely have been planning this day since you were a little girl, imagining what you would look like. Well that day has finally come and it will be a day to be remembered and cherished. When planning your day a Makeup Artist is an essential part in helping put that vision together. Here are a couple reasons why.

1. Less Stress

A professional Makeup Artist has been a part of countless weddings and understands what is involved on that busy morning. They understand bridal makeup and will know how to make you look your absolute best (and not to overdone or washed out). As the bride you will most likely have a million things going on as well as people asking you another million questions. Trying to fit the time in to do your makeup can be challenging and especially if you are nervous it just most likely is best to leave it up to a professional. Trying to nail down winged liner on any given day can be nerve wracking let alone your wedding day.

2. Camera Ready

Your Makeup Artist understands camera ready makeup and will know how to make your best features pop without you looking washed out. You have invested a lot into professional photography and you will have those photos forever. Put your best face forward in those photos by leaving your bridal look up to a professional.

3. Makeup that Lasts

Your wedding is not just any old day, its one of the most important days of your life and will be one heck of a long day! Your Makeup Artist will use products and techniques to ensure that your makeup lasts all day. It starts with proper skin prep and finishes with a good setting spray. They will also show you how to maintain your look throughout the day as well as tips on how to cry (yes there is a way!)

4. Creating a coecive look

Your Makeup Artist will know how to create a coecive look for your entire bridal party. You don't want six different looks . Each bridesmaid will have an individual look that fits with the overall beauty theme that the bride has requested. This will save you the disaster of having that one bridesmaid who opted to do her own makeup and created a black smokey eye. To avoid situations like this you can gift your bridesmaids their makeup application or offer to pay half to help offset the costs. Remember, they will be in all of your photos as well.

5. Hiring your friend or sister

Yes weddings can be expensive so when your friend offers to do your makeup that may seem enticing. Keep in mind that your friend is not a professional and may not be equipped with the proper product or skill to accomodate various skin textures or skin tones. If you are unhappy with the work your friend provided will you be comfortable communicating that to them? A professional Makeup artists job is to ensure you are 100% happy and because the emotional factor is taken out of it you will feel more comfortable addressing any issues. A professional is also able to work under tight timelines and pressure to ensure everyone is completed on time. After investing so much in photography why would you leave makeup up to an amateur?

6. You get what you pay for

When you walk down the aisle remember that you are the star of the show and all eyes will be on you. Put your trust in a professional artist who is looking out for your best interests. And remember you do get what you pay for. A luxury makeup artist may not always be the most affordable option but there are many reasons why. They have invested heavily into their business with education and a well stocked kit that contains high end products that are suitable for every skin type and skin tone. They are also insured etc. A professional artist also takes their business very seriously and will be there and on time for when you need them. And with any wedding vendor make sure you have a contract in place.

Thanks for reading!



Joline is the Owner of Lily Grey Artistry providing luxury makeup services to Edmonton and surrounding area. Specializing in soft natural glam.

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